Is Mobile Legends Permanently Deleted on Play Store on June 20, 2020?

The number 1 online game, “Mobile Legends” becomes the hot topic to talk online following after the rumor that the app is to be permanently deleted from the Play Store on June 20, 2020.

The Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game made and designed purposely to be played using the mobile phones. The main concept of the game is to reach the base of the enemy using the three lanes “top, middle, and bottom” that both ends are connected to the base and to destroy it while the opposing team will defend against the invaders.

Undeniably, today’s generation, seldom only among the youth of today that do not know how to play Mobile Legend. This is the reason that when the rumor about deleting the online game on Play Store and will not be used forever, is something of great issue among the youth and the very reason there are so many reactions from the netizens regarding the issue.

However, according to a religious guru, playing this game for a long time can impair the brain and spiritual life that the only playing it lose their interest on some more significant things that the youth supposed to give more time for themselves and study to learn for their future and they also have to pay much attention on their spiritual growth at the earlier time of their lives.

There are several moral and civic organizations filed petition and contradict against the addictive game. Knowing that greater percentage of our youth today were enslaved of this gaming application.

However, regarding the rumored deletion of the game on the Play Store is yet to be verified. Let’s wait for the time on June 20, 2020 to confirmed the issue and if true, sad for the youth.

This is a developing report; we are updating this page once reliable source will publish to confirm it.

On the other hand, you can watch the best game of Mobile Game here below:

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2 thoughts on “Is Mobile Legends Permanently Deleted on Play Store on June 20, 2020?”

  1. wag.. anong gusto nyo magkalat ang mga bata sa labas at mahawaan ng virus.. mobile legend na nga lang pinag lilibanagan tatanggalin nio pa.. saka na pagkatapos ng sakunang ito.. nakaktulong ang larong ito sa pagtigil ng bata sa bahay.. sa ngayon hayaan na muna. para makuntrol ang mga bata sa isang lugar. Kesa magkalat sila sa kalasada..


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