Ever been interested in MOBAs? Have you wondered what are DOTA 2 or LoL? Are you scared to try or a seasoned player that is ready to have a new challenge on the go? Here are my five reasons why Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a great game and why you should get into it.

1. Easy to Start

This is the easiest MOBA to play. I could make a long list of how this game streamlines the game mechanics, the battles, the items etc., but this games just makes MOBAs easier to digest and learn altogether. The game gives you a bunch of heroes very quickly and lets you dabble with them to find a play style and hero you like. There is a lot of opportunity to earn points to get new heroes and gain other in-game add-ons (without spending real money if you don’t want to).

2. Characters and Style

The characters are a lot of fun to play. They look great and have a lot of personality in aesthetics as well as actually hero abilities. There is a quickly expanding roster of heroes that for all types of heroes: tank, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman and support. The game looks great and never feels cluttered in matches. The menu systems and somewhat excessive amount of currencies can become cumbersome, but with a friend or a quick guide, it is easy to figure out what to do.

3. Levels of Depth

Even though this game has a huge amount of hand holding to help players, the game is quite deep and fun to master. Each game I felt like I was slowly learning how to play the game better overall along with mastering and maximizing effectiveness with my heroes I use. MLBB has a huge following and player base, a large esports emphasize with worldwide and local ratings. It may not be League of Legends or DOTA 2, but is sure is close.

4. Quick Games

I had mentioned before that the game is streamlined a lot, the actual matches last between 15 and 20 minutes on average. Sure, there will be some shorter and much longer matches here or there, but overall, you’re getting the meat of MOBAs with this game. More team battles, more farming and more fun every minute you play. This is a big reason to pick up MLBB, it is fast but also tactical, blending strategy with skill while doing all this on your phone.

5. The Mobile Legends Team

If only every game developer was like this group. They put out updates every month or so. They pay attention to hero balances constantly and listen to the community. They send out quick surveys about various things almost every week to get feedback from the community. Also, the in-game report system is good about not pairing you with bad (as in trolls or annoying) teammates while rewarding you for good behavior and good sportsmanship. People are actually punished for going AFK, spamming, feeding or anything really negative. It is refreshing to play with a player base that wants to actually play while throwing out the trolls.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a great game. I wrote this for no reason except I truly enjoy it and think it is a superb game that is only getting better. No sponsors, I wasn’t asked to review it or promote it, this game just rocks and I want people to know about it. If you like MOBAs, here is one for your phone to play. If you’ve tried it a bit but had mixed feelings, here is a low commitment game that has a lot to offer. Lastly, if you’ve never played, try it out! It’s free, so play a couple of rounds, find friends and enjoy the tactics and great action.

My user name is Blackdano. Add me if you want some guidance or someone to play with, I’ll see you online and enjoy this hidden gem!