List of Skin Collector Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB) December 2020

Here is a list of heroes who get collector edition skins in Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB) December 2020!

Moonton has just introduced a new skin type into their favorite game, Mobile Legends Bang:Bang (MLBB).

Where is the new skin type called Collector, which of course only exists in certain heroes, or rather skins that can only be purchased through the Showcase event.

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About that SPIN Esports will provide hero list who get skin collector of Mobile Legends Bang:Bang (MLBB), anyone?

  • Pharsa – Empress Phoenix
  • Badang – Fist of Zen
  • Khufra – Volcanic Overlord
  • Granger – Agent Z
  • Yi Sun Shin – Lone Destructor
  • Jawhead – Samurai Mech

Indeed, currently only 6 heroes have received collector edition skins considering the Showcase event itself was recently released by Moonton.

Later, there are two more new skins that will enter the collector skin type, the two heroes are Valir (January 2021) and Wanwan (February 2021).

skin collector mlbb

And which of the six skin collectors are the coolest and have amazing skills in your opinion?

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